Stand Up Degustation

Stand-Up Degustation


The Stand-Up Degustation showcases our creative and innovative multi-course menu, without the need for tables and chairs! It’s a concept we developed in order to offer a point of difference for cocktail style functions, and it has become an incredibly popular choice amongst our clients. It’s cost effective, offers a fantastic selection of Herb’s beautifully refined creations to a standing crowd, and ensures that every guest receives their own serving of each course.


The foundation of the Stand-Up Degustation is a five course menu, however extra courses can be added at an additional cost if required. Each dish is served, enjoyed by you and your guests, then collected by our friendly and efficient wait-staff, while the following course is being freshly prepared and plated in the kitchen by your fully qualified chef. The dishes on the menu are an adaptation of their seated dining counterparts, so the flavours, textures, and presentation are rich and complex, with each item on the menu comprising multiple components. The ingredients used and the volume of each course on our menu are carefully considered in order to give the diner a complete multi-course experience.


The Stand-Up Degustation offers the same benefits of a cocktail style celebration, with the added sophistication of offering delicious and innovative plated food to your guests. They still get the chance to enjoy your chosen venue, as well as each other’s company, and the fun and relaxed atmosphere of a stand up function remains. Plus, you can rest assured that every guest receives every course of your chosen menu.

Be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a stylish celebration with family and friends, our innovative, stylish and mouth-watering creations will take you and your guests on a truly enchanting food journey.

See below for our menu, or click here to download a printable copy.

Menu – Stand Up Degustation

courses 1 and 2

select two dishes for your first and second courses


wood roasted cauliflower, blu de basque yoghurt, kale and witlof, popped burghal (Veg, GFA)

wood fired mushrooms, smoked potato, just cooked yolk, tarragon emulsion (Veg, GFA)

queso mahon fritter, popped corn, sweet crisp jamon, jalapeno mojo (GFA)

charcoal grilled octopus, spiced tomato, cured young cucumber, succulents (GF)

sake cured ocean trout, black bean and young ginger, charred spring onion, rice milk (GFA)

fragrant spiced cuttlefish, black rice puffs, lychee and young lettuce, red dressing (GFA)

pancetta wrapped king fish, warmed tomato and saffron, shaved young fennel, soft herbs (GF)

chickpea battered whiting, goats milk paneer, shallots and verjuice, curried buckwheat (GFA)

overnight roasted pork dumpling, hatcho miso, seaweed, tuna sashimi, dashi

salt cured black angus beef, confit tomato, charred onions, spiced green chilli (GF)

white rocks veal carpaccio, celeriac remoulade, just cooked yolk, artichoke thins (GFA)

charcoal beef tataki, wasabi mayo, charred leek, white tea and tomato (GFA)


courses 3 and 4

select two dishes for your third and fourth courses

grilled ocean trout, fennel cream, saffron and tomato, dried green olive, freekah (GFA)

crispy skinned barramundi, celeriac puree, candied jamon, sherry and shallot dressing (GF)

maple roasted pork loin, cauliflower cheese, jerusalem artichoke thins, sage (GFA)

red cooked pork belly, crispy spiced cuttlefish, young lettuce, rambutan

sticky tamarind lamb, smoked eggplant, steamed greens, sesame rice cracker (GFA)

overnight roasted lamb rump, heirloom carrots, paneer, buckwheat, preserved lemon (GF)

shichimi spiced duck, steamed dumpling, mandarin, aromatic broth

mt barker chicken, corn puffs, puffed farro, bbq broccolini, chimichurri (GF)

slow cooked white rocks veal, dried vine leaves, zucchini flower, vongole avgolemono (GFA)

sticky beef short rib, whiskey caramel, wood-fired sweet potato, buttermilk (GF)

slow roasted oyster blade, horseradish cream, cavolo nero and kohlrabi, truffle (GF)

grilled black angus skirt steak, miso glazed prawns, pickled radish, shitake and dashi broth


course 5

select 1 dish for your dessert course

chestnut daquoise, roast banana cream, young coconut jelly, coffee fudge (GFA)

soft set chocolate, real peppermint cream, honeycomb, raspberry sour (GF)

coconut textures, chargrilled pineapple, rice wine syrup, raw chocolate (GF)

chai milk, almond meringue, orange blossom delight, salty caramel (GFA)

real chocolate crackle, ginger curd, spiced pear, chestnut and rosewater churros

local strawberries, white chocolate cream, sour worms, honeycomb meringue (GFA)

lemongrass pannacotta, mango, ginger fizz, raw chocolate, peanut brittle (GFA)

kraken rum and raisin, house soured cream, mandarin jubes, caramel


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