Mere Morsels

Mere Morsels


If you’re looking for delicious, satisfying, and accessible bite-sized cocktail food, Mere Morsels is your menu. This menu is a great fit for a wide variety of events as it can be easily paired down to provide a light meal for guests at say a two hour sundowner, or VIP function, or it can be beefed up to replace a meal over longer events, such as corporate functions, private celebrations, or weddings.


Cocktail dining is popular for its fun, social atmosphere, its cost effectiveness, and its adaptability to suit diverse events and venues. This style of dining also presents guests with a broad selection of food items to cater for their varied and individual tastes.

Our Mere Morsels menu offers a selection of delectable canapés, with the option of expanding your menu by choosing from our creative range of fun foods, substantial bowls, and desserts.

There is often the fear of guests going hungry at a cocktail event and so we always provide at least twenty percent more of our canapes than your final guest count. This ensures a handful of guests can take more than one piece without anyone else missing out. Our staff are also proficient in navigating the crowd to ensure the food reaches all of your guests.


Our minimum spend of just $45 per person, including your chef and food service staff, is designed for a light canapé function of up to 2 hours duration and offers guests a choice of 6 canapes. For longer functions, or where a meal is to be replaced, we recommend adding to your selection. The only restriction when creating your menu, is that it must comprise at least 5 canapés – from there, the combinations are endless!

If you’re unsure of the menu combination to best suit your function, our friendly events staff are more than happy to provide suggestions and estimates. The amount of food we recommend can vary according to such variables as the length of service, the type of function, whether or not alcohol will be provided, even the time of the day!


With endless menu combinations, and an extensive range of delicious food on offer, you can be guaranteed a menu that will offer exciting textures, flavours and presentation. Mere Morsels allows you the freedom to personalise a menu that will best suit the individual style, mood and requirements of your next cocktail function.

See below for our menu, or click here to download a printable copy.

Menu – Mere Morsels



daikon & cucumber rice noodle roll, tamarind dressing (Veg, GF)

real corn chip, avocado and jalapeno, ricotta (Veg, GF)

roasted duck and cucumber rice noodle roll, hot-sour dressing (GF)

black salt crusted veal, celeriac remoulade, watercress (GF)

charcoal beef tataki, pickled daikon, hatcho miso (GFA)

roasted black angus beef, asparagus & watercress, horseradish crème fraiche (GF)

hiramasa sashimi, puffed rice, ginger and organic soy dressing (GFA)

jamon wrapped pickled octopus and cucumber, spicy tomato (GF)

steamed crab, finger lime, wasabi, black sesame, rice cracker (GF)

smoke-cured tasmanian salmon, fennel cream, chive, lavosh



queso mahon fritter, corn textures, green mojo (Veg, GFA)

roasted mushroom, sumac and coriander brick pastry, yoghurt (Veg)

rosemary skewered sweet potato, whiskey caramel, charred kale (Veg, GF)

roasted cauliflower and blue cheese beignets, vincotto (Veg, GFA)

spiced pumpkin, chickpea and fetta cake, onion jam (Veg)

aromatic chicken on lemongrass, roasted red dressing, crunchy rice (GF)

red curry chicken and sesame bite, chilli caramel (GF)

southern fried chicken winglet, coleslaw dressing (GFA)

sesame and nori crumbed slow cooked pork, yuzu mayonnaise

blackened chorizo, corn and manchego paella bite, aioli (GFA)

slow roasted sticky tamarind lamb ribs, green mango, roasted rice (GF)

rosemary skewered lamb loin, zested dry rub, smoked yoghurt (GF)

crispy fragrant spiced cuttlefish, black rice puffs, red dressing

chickpea battered whiting, sheeps milk yoghurt, curried buckwheat (GFA)

crispy spiced prawns, quinoa and preserved lemon, saffron rouille

pancetta wrapped scallop, tomato, saffron and verjuice (GF)

poached snapper and caper croquette, house made tartare sauce



lemon curd and meringue tart, white chocolate

honey, nougat and almond chocolate, whipped mascarpone (GF)

soft set chocolate tart, salted caramel, dried raspberries

spiced pear and almond crumble, ginger curd

white chocolate and strawberry pops, pistachio praline (GF)

chestnut and rosewater doughnuts, chocolate caramel



fried chicken, pickled cabbage and chilli mayo brioche slider (GFA)

grilled steak, bacon, cheddar cheese and pickle brioche slider (GFA)

roasted pork, spiced tamarind and apple slaw brioche slider (GFA)

aromatic duck and pickled cucumber steamed bao bun

fragrant sticky pork, shredded papaya and mint steamed bao bun

spiced slow cooked lamb chiko roll, smoked yoghurt

red cooked pork, cucumber, mint and yuzu mayo baguette (GFA)

slow cooked beef, goats cheese, harissa, and crisp kale pizza pie

ancho chilli chicken, avocado and jalapeno soft taco (GFA)

crispy snapper, heirloom tomatoes and tartare sauce soft taco (GFA)



buttermilk cauliflower fritters, yoghurt, puffed grains, vine ripe tomato (Veg, GFA)

smoked potato gnocchi, wood fired mushrooms, burnt butter, tarragon (Veg)

crispy spiced chorizo and bean nachos, manchego béchamel (GFA)

aromatic yellow chicken curry, tiger prawns, steamed greens, sesame cracker (GFA)

thai spiced sticky pork, green papaya and mango salad, crispy shallots (GFA)

pork and veal meatballs, soft polenta, courgettes, gremolata (GF)

slow cooked chilli beef, queso mahon fritters, jalapeno mojo

grilled beef skirt steak, thick cut chips, onion rings, remoulade (GFA)

smoke-roasted salmon, fennel cream, tomato saffron and shallot dressing (GF)



soft set chocolate, pure cream, honey comb, dried raspberries (GF)

local strawberries, white chocolate cream, sour worms, honeycomb meringue (GFA)

lemongrass pannacotta, mango, raw chocolate, peanut candy (GF)

soft set chai milk, almond dacquoise, orange blossom, salty caramel (GFA)

whipped mascarpone, chocolate and nougat, honey caramel, almond crumble (GFA)

kraken rum and raisin, gingerbread, house soured cream, mandarin jubes


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