Stand Up Dining

Stand-Up Dining

Stand-up dining is a fun and social way to enjoy a meal, be it for a private party, a corporate sundowner, a wedding, baby-shower, or any other special occasion. Cocktail style celebrations allow guests to enjoy your chosen venue, as well as each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere. They are a perfect solution if you have chosen a smaller venue, as a stand-up concept allows for more guests than a seated function. Stand-up dining options are also well-renowned for creating an enjoyable ‘party’ feel, which is often the desired mood for celebratory functions and events.

Herb Faust Food offers two exciting stand-up dining experiences; our Mere Morsels cocktail menu, and our unique and unrivalled Stand-Up Degustation. Both menus offer appetising, interesting and vibrant food with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce.

We understand that a major concern when it comes to cocktail dining is that your guests don’t leave your event hungry. Our events team are well versed in recommending the perfect amount of food for your particular function, taking into account service time, whether or not alcohol is being consumed, male to female ratios, even the weather!

We always provide at least ten percent more of our canapes than your final guest count, and where possible, our staff will find multiple access points to your guests, ensuring the even circulation of food amongst them. If this isn’t possible, they are proficient in navigating the crowd to ensure the food reaches all of your guests.

Our tantalising flavour combinations will be sure to wow your guests, and have them talking about your event long after it’s over.


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