Garden, Grill & Guilt

Garden, Grill & Guilt


Garden, Grill & Guilt is our delicious shared table banquet menu. It is a fun, relaxing, and social way to dine. It’s a great way to celebrate with family and friends, especially if you’re looking for the greater timing control that a seated function provides, but with slightly less formality than the plated service our Special Occasion Dining menu offers.


Your entrée, mains and sides are presented on shared platters down the middle of the table for guests to help themselves to. The number of guests each platter will feed depends on the table configuration for your particular event, however our chefs ensure that there is a serve of each choice of protein selected for the two main dishes for each and every guest. This shared catering experience is complimented by an individually plated dessert because, let’s face it, nobody wants to share their sweets!

For this style of dining, we suggest keeping table decorations to a minimum as most of the room down the centre of the table is required for food service. By the time glassware, cutlery, napkins and menus are in place, the table is already looking quite stunning anyway! Some clients like to get creative with this requirement by choosing hung flower arrangements, lighting, or decorations which look fantastic and add a great point of interest and extra ambience to your event.


As always, we offer flexibility in the way your menu is presented and so it is possible to replace either your entrée or dessert with canapes from our Mere Morsels cocktail menu. When replacing your entrée course, 5 canapes can be selected, and when replacing dessert, 3 canapes can be chosen. This allows your guests to enjoy a period of cocktail service on arrival before being seated, which can tame their initial hunger, and give them some time to circulate prior to being seated. Another alternative is to offer a roving dessert, which could be a selection of canapes, or a version of your chosen plated dessert presented in a stand-up friendly manner. This is often a great alternative for those arranging a wedding, for example, who would like to maximise time on the dancefloor, but still see their guests enjoy a delicious dessert.

Of course, there is always the possibility of adding to your menu, rather than substituting seated courses, if you would prefer. Prices are available on request.


The shared nature of the Garden, Grill & Guilt menu provides an exciting, social atmosphere, encouraging guests to chat across the table, pass plates, and engage with one another. The emphasis on the sharing of a meal really brings people together, especially when the food is as hearty, innovative and appealing as ours!

See below for our menu, or click here to download a printable copy.

Menu – Garden, Grill & Guilt

shared entrées

select 2 entrees

extra entrée $12 per person


queso mahon fritters, corn chips, popcorn, jalapeno mojo (Veg, GFA)

chargrilled flat bread, olives, cauliflower yoghurt, roasted chickpeas (Veg)

pan-fried goats cheese, fresh fig, witlof, hazelnut crisp, vincotto (Veg, GF)

shaved jamon, goats brie, lavosh, onion jam, cornichons, quince

grilled chorizo sausage, goats cheese, popped quinoa, harissa (GFA)

shichimi spiced pork terrine, seaweed and pickles, sesame cracker

fragrant sticky caramel pork, green papaya, shallots, thai basil (GFA)

charcoal beef tataki, wasabi mayo, daikon, charred spring onion (GF)

black salt roasted veal, celeriac remoulade, kipfler potato thins, watercress (GFA)

sake cured ocean trout, rice milk, organic soy and ginger dressing (GFA)

bbq octopus, spiced tomato, cured young cucumber, succulents (GF)

smoke-roasted salmon, fennel cream, tomato, saffron and shallot dressing (GF)


shared mains

select 2 dishes

extra main dish $18 per person

smoked potato gnocchi, wood fired mushrooms, burnt butter, tarragon (Veg)

crispy skin barramundi, celeriac puree, candied jamon, green beans, sherry shallots (GF)

grilled tasmanian salmon, tomato braised fennel, seasonal greens, dried olives (GF)

cajun spiced bbq spatchcock, blackened corn and farro, broccolini, chimichurri (GF)

southern fried chicken, sweet potato chips, apple and fennel slaw, yuzu mayo (GFA)

slow cooked lamb shoulder, smoked yoghurt, radicchio, caramelised pear (GF)

overnight roasted lamb rump, heirloom carrots, toasted buckwheat, preserved lemon (GF)

red cooked pork belly, crispy spiced cuttlefish, young lettuce, rambutan

maple roasted pork loin, cauliflower cheese, jerusalem artichoke thins, sage (GFA)

sticky braised beef short rib, whiskey caramel, roasted sweet potato, buttermilk (GF)

slow roasted oyster blade, potato and horseradish cream, tuscan cabbage, truffle (GF)

grilled black angus skirt steak, thick cut chips, celeriac remoulade, onion rings (GFA)


shared side

select 1 side

extra side $8 per person

 baby cos lettuce, crisp pancetta, parmesan, white anchovy dressing (Veg, GFA)

heirloom tomatoes, sherry shallots, dried olives, labneh (GF)

baby kale, rocket, witlof, fennel, shaved parmesan, lemon dressing (Veg, GF)

bbq broccolini, manchego fondue, popcorn crumb (Veg, GFA)

roasted cauliflower, blue cheese cream, toasted buckwheat (Veg, GFA)

wood fired sweet potato, whiskey caramel, charred kale (Veg, GF)

crunchy smashed potatoes, sour cream, chilli caramel (Veg, GFA)



select 1 plated dessert

soft set chocolate, pure cream, honey comb, dried raspberries (GF)

local strawberries, white chocolate cream, sour worms, honeycomb meringue (GFA)

lemongrass pannacotta, mango, raw chocolate, peanut candy (GF)

soft set chai milk, almond dacquoise, orange blossom, salty caramel (GFA)

whipped mascarpone, chocolate and nougat, honey caramel, almond crumble (GFA)

kraken rum and raisin, gingerbread, house soured cream, mandarin jubes



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